Do or Dine Has Killed Its Brunch Service

Do or Dine, the only Bed-Stuy restaurant to have produced a winner for “The Next Food Network Star,” (eat your heart out, Spike Lee) recently announced the end of its brunch service. Instead, the eclectic American eatery will serve its full “dinner menu” after 2pm on Sundays.

Do or Dine’s reasoning? “Demand.” 

It’s a good move, as we have a longstanding anathema toward brunch, a hatred partially derived from Bad Deal Editor Ryan Sutton having to wake up at 7:30am on Sundays in his early 20s to serve lousy omelets to Washingtonians.

Admittedly, there are slightly more rational factors at play here. While Do or Dine certainly aims to be a neighborhood restaurant, it’s surely a destination for many, especially given chef Justin Warner’s success on a nationally televised cooking competition. We like to think that those coming from afar would prefer the full menu, as opposed to “breakfast items.”

This is why world-renowned venues like The Fat Duck in Bray or Per Se in New York serve the same long tasting menus during lunch and dinner — so that those who don’t make evening reservations aren’t excluded from the same elaborate experience. We approve of this policy for casual restaurants as well, so props to Do or Dine, for keeping things real all-day on Sundays (the Bed-Stuy spot opens at 6pm on other days). 

Incidentally, Do or Dine, instead of hosting a proper website, keeps diners “in the know” via its Facebook page. We’re totally cool with that, but since we’re big fans of Tumblr, we though we’d post Do or Dine menus on The Price Hike every now and then. So, here you go: 


Nippon Nachos: gouda, cheddar, masago sour cream ($7)

Shishito Quatre Sel: yuzu, hickory, wasabi, green tea ($7)

E666S: culantro and bacon ($5)

Eloteyaki: grilled corn, miso butter, mayo ($6)

Lamb Breast: fatty, cumin , lime ($8)

Leap Year Special: frog legs, spicy Dr. Pepper glaze ($8)

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Bed-Stuy’s “Do or Dine” Now Takes Plastic

Last June, a handful of alums from Danny Meyer’s The Modern opened up Do or Dine in Bed Stuy, an ambitious, eclectic, American eatery famous for its $11 foie gras doughnuts. They also famously reverted to a cash-only policy after initially accepting credit cards.

That cash-only policy had its expiration date as well. 

The Price Hike recently learned that, as of a few months ago, Do or Dine began accepting plastic again. The restaurant takes “everything but American Express,” in the words of the receptionist. We asked Chef Justin Warner about the change, and he was nice enough to chat with us via Facebook Messenger about credit cards and the struggles of operating a small business. 

Why did you start taking credit cards again? We got an accountant. It’s just basic customer service. We stopped because we were constantly overdrawing our account while the CC company held on to the money. We got a different company as well.

Have you had to raise prices to offset credit card fees? Not yet. There is a possibility, but we are here to make friends first and money second.

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