bouley | 40% hike

bouley, once a two-michelin starred restaurant, has in the past week raised the price of its tasting menu 40% to $175, up from $125, according to a reservationist. the tribeca-based chef had fallen on somewhat difficult times in recent years, having closed his critically acclaimed upstairs, the poorly received secession and his bouley bakery on west broadway. that said, SUTTON says the new seven-course menu is a STRONG BUY. the old $125 tasting (available for much of 2010) was underpriced given the amount of white linens, fresh flowers, hay baked chickens, medieval arches, plush banquettes, francophone waiters, delicious parting gifts and rotting apple cloakrooms at this urban chateau of an eatery. of course, any regular knows a seven-course menu at bouley can easily become 10 or 12 courses with all the extra freebies the chef sends out. and bouley’s long-delayed brushstroke has finally opened. perhaps this is the big bouley comeback?  


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