Next Kyoto Tickets on Sale Now ($500-$633)

The Kyoto Kaiseki service at Next Restaurant by Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas is “slightly higher than Sicily or our previous menus due to higher food and beverage costs,” writes the Chicago-based restaurant on its Facebook page. Mr. Kokonas, in a tweet, said there are “lots of high quality fish/exotics” on the menu. 

We also understand there is a “substantial” Kobe course. 

Tickets are on sale now — The Price Hike is spotting tables for two with wine pairings starting at $500 in the off-hours (say, 10pm on a Wednesday), with the price going up to $633 for reserve pairings during prime time. The six-person chef’s table is $1395 all-inclusive (or $175 per person, up from the usual $165 per person). Recall that Next uses “dynamic pricing” based on when you dine.

Is Next’s Kyoto menu a BUY HOLD OR SELL? Your call, people of earth.

Keep in mind this is still a heck of a lot more affordable than Alinea, where dinner for two with wine pairings, tax and tip generally starts around $1,000, based on the $210 menu (Alinea sometimes releases $185 and $200 tables here and there). 


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