"Alinea in New York" at Eleven Madison Park Will Cost $495 Per Person Before Tax & Tip4

Wine pairings are included in the price of the one-week-only event.

After tax & service charge, you’re at $647, or $1,293 for two. That’s almost $300 more than what you might spend on dinner for two at Alinea proper. In Chicago, the tasting menu typically starts around $210 (it can range from $185-$265 depending on your reservation) and wine pairings generally start at $165 or thereabouts.

So after 20% service charge and 11.5% Chicago sales tax, you’re at $502 for one or $1,004 for two. 

If you’re ordering the $265 “prime time” menu at Alinea, your meal can cost around $575 or $1,151 for two. So Alinea, even at its most expensive, is still a lot less than what Alinea at Eleven Madison is charging. That all said, we’d expect a few tricks up the sleeves of Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas when they show up at EMP. And when you factor in the cost of plane tickets to Chicago and a night or two in a hotel, yeah you’re actually saving a few bucks by doing it The Big Apple.  

Is this a BUY HOLD OR SELL? Your call, world. But we might give this one a try. 


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