The State of Steak: NYC’s Strips & Sirloins

On the heels of a Bloomberg News report documenting the rising price of USDA PRIME beef, we’re launching The State of Steak, a regular feature that helps you keep track of your meat (!!!). 

For our first edition, we’re listing the prices of strips and sirlions in NYC.  

Briefly: Your strip or sirloin is probably going to cost you $40-$60 bucks, especially after tax and tip. Sure, it might be more scientific to calculate the cost-per-ounce. But since most of these restaurants don’t allow you to purchase steak by the ounce, we don’t see much use in such mathematical undertakings. 

Here’s the way we see it, if you go to a restaurant, and if you want a strip, you’ll only have a few options. And here they are. Many of these steaks are labeled “PRIME’ on the menus. We’ll let you decide whether that’s the case. Oh, allow us to apologize in advance for any “editorializing” you might encounter below.  

  1. The Four Seasons (like a “bottle service” markup for steak): $75
  2. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle bone-in (i ate here so you don’t have to): $65
  3. 21 Club bone-in: $65
  4. Minetta Tavern bone-in strip (pretty gorgeous stuff here): $58
  5. Casa Lever bone-in strip (darn good beef here): $58
  6. Monkey Bar bone-in sirloin: $55
  7. Craft dry-aged sirloin & marrow: $55
  8. Crown (not our favorite joint but you could do worse): $55
  9. Marea 50-day dry-aged sirloin (add langoustines for surf & turf): $54
  10. Smith & Wollensky bone-in strip: $54
  11. The Dutch bone-in strip (one of our favorites): $52
  12. Saxon + Parole bone-in strip: $52
  13. Lavo bone-in strip (hopefully better than their kobe balls): $51
  14. Bobby Van’s sirloin steak: $49.95
  15. Del Frisco’s boneless strip: $49
  16. Strip House bone-in cut (no good in the hood): $49
  17. Porter House bone-in (Lomonaco reppin in da TWC): $49
  18. The Mark (JGV keepin it real on the UES): $49
  19. Lavo boneless: $49
  20. Harry’s bone-in strip: $48.50
  21. Catch (fine for Kardashian publicists; civilians should avoid): $48
  22. Abe & Arthur’s (like Catch, good steaks, but still a skip): $48
  23. Gotham Bar & Grill (marrow mustard custard & vidalia onion rings): $48
  24. Rothmann’s (don’t even talk to me about the Long Island location): $47
  25. Sparks bone-in-shell (“from premium steers”): $46.95.
  26. Colicchio & Sons (we love this place. but not the steak): $46
  27. Peter Luger: $45.95
  28. STK (website shows some lady stepping on her steak, so, avoid) $45
  29. Smith & Wollensky boneless: $45.50-$48.50
  30. Wolfgang’s (many people like this place. we don’t): $44.95
  31. Strip House boneless (Prime House does Hanson steaks better): $45
  32. Park Avenue Summer $45
  33. Quality Meats bone-in: $44.50
  34. Keens (solid joint even though they sometimes undersalt): $44.50
  35. Primehouse (I’ve had good beef here) $44
  36. Michael Jordan’s: $44
  37. Il Gattopardo: $44
  38. Cafe Boulud (blue cheese, bone marrow crust): $43
  39. Capital Grille: $43
  40. Balthazar (steak au poivre with frites & spinach): $43
  41. Ai Fiori (steak is actually a reasonably-sized portion here): $42
  42. Oceana (it’s a seafood spot but Pollinger can cook) $42
  43. Scarpetta (you can read my thoughts here): $42. 
  44. Gallagher’s sirloin$41.95-$46.95
  45. Old Homestead: $41-$45. 
  46. Hurricane Club (have had terrible meals here): $39
  47. Primehouse boneless: $39. 
  48. Dylan Prime boneless: $38-$46
  49. Lure Fishbar (melted onions au poivre potatoes),  $38
  50. Sushi Izakaya (with miso butter, which is like au poivre on crack) $36
  51. La Mangeoire (sirloin steak frites): $36
  52. DBGB steak frites: $35
  53. Union Square Cafe strip with beans, basil & tomato oil: $35
  54. STK loin strip (no thanks): $33
  55. Prime Meats with hand-cut French Fries (another favorite): $32
  56. Outback (beef is a luxury, not a commodity, so avoid) $20-$24

Given the absurd size of American steaks, many any of these “single-serving” portions could easily feed two. We generally prefer the “composed” steak entrees at the higher-end venues on this list, where the beef comes in smaller portions (last updated 08/29/2012 — added 21 Club). 


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