Eleven Madison Park Eliminating $125 Menu4

Eleven Madison Park, which boasts three Michelin stars and four Bloomberg News stars, is about to get more expensive — for some. ”Not long after Labor Day,” according to Jeff Gordinier of the New York Times, dinner will start at $195 per person. That’s the same price as the current tasting menu, but it’s a 56% price hike for those who previously opted for the shorter $125 menu, which is being eliminated. 

Under Eleven Madison Park’s new format, the entry-level cost of dinner, after tax and tip, will be $502 for two, or $1,004 for four. Previously, EMP’s starting cost for two was $322, or $644 for four. Is Eleven Madison still a STRONG BUY at these prices? We don’t see why not; some of our best experiences occurred while enjoying the longer menu and its excellent clam bake.

Then again, it will be incumbent upon Eleven Madison to convince regulars that spending at least an extra $180, for two, per visit, will be worth it. And if this 56% price hike of sorts results in some guests restricting their visits to once or twice a year instead of three of four times, Eleven Madison will have to work even harder to make sure those “occasional” diners still feel like coddled “regulars,” and that the increasingly expensive experience brings increasingly rarefied pleasures amid increasingly scare reservations. 

The Times also reports that the longer option will be the only option at lunch. We’re very curious to see what owners Will Guidara and Daniel Humm have up their sleeves (which, according to the New York Times, might be a few magic tricks… ) We’ll offer more musings on the new menus at Eleven Madison in the coming weeks and months (Last Update: 7:55pm, 27 July 2012). 


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