Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare Now Publishes Wine List Online, Champagne Starts at $1154

The Chef’s Table, Cesar Ramirez’s outstanding 18-seat restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn, has finally published its wine list, leaving Le Bernardin and Jean Georges as New York’s only three Michelin-starred spots that don’t publish a their full lists of vino online. 

Brooklyn Fare’s seafood-centric set menu remains at $225 per person, plus 20% service charge. Corkage fees are $70 per bottle for those who wish to bring their own wines. 

The wines on Cesar’s list appear to be Old Word only: French, German and Austrian (not even Italy, apparently). There appears to be no selections from the U.S., South America or Australia. There are no sakes, which is too bad, given that sometimes half (or more) of the 30-courses meals here consist of small bites of sashimi or cooked fish. But you will drink very good champagne. And Montrachet. And Riesling. The list is almost entirely composed of whites. 

Here are some relevant price points on the list:

  • Nonvintage Champagne starts at $115 (Marie-Noelle Ledru Blanc de Noirs Brut Ambonnay Grand Cru)    
  • Vintage Champagne starts at $165 (Marie-Noelle Ledru Blanc de Noirs Ambonnay Grand Cru 2002). 
  • Chablis starts at $95 (Louis Michel ‘Montee de Tonnerre’ 1er Cru 2010)    
  • Mersault starts at $150 (Domaine Antoine Jobard ‘En la Barre’ 2009)    
  • Puligny-Montrachet starts at $115 (Domaine Francois Carillon 2010)  

Brooklyn Fare also notes that reservations are now only being accepted for two or four people (I had previously dined as a party of three a year or so ago). Thanks to @famdoc for the tip-off on the wine list. 


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