Tertulia Hikes Steak to $92; Monkey Bar’s $145 Beef

Steak prices continue to rise. Seamus Mullen’s Tertulia has hiked its prime rib to $92, up from $82 earlier this year, and up from the opening price of $72 last fall. This all means the deliciously funky 40-day-dry-aged cut, “grilled on the coals,” has risen in price by 28% since its 2011 debut. It’s a BIG STEAK. 

And to put Tertulia’s price in context, Graydon Carter and Ken Friedman’s Monkey Bar appears to serve New York’s most expensive BIG STEAK, at $145 (a recent hike from $135). It can easily feed three. Second place goes to the $140 cote de boeuf at Adour Alain Ducasse, which was reasonably tasty when prepared under the now departed Didier Elena.

(Of course, these very informal BIG STEAK rankings don’t include the porterhouses for four or more at Wolfgang’s, Peter Luger, etc. You can always get something larger at those meathead joints, but you can’t get half-portions of the BIG STEAKS at Tertulia and elsewhere). 

So what say you, world? Are Tertulia’s $92 “chuleton,” Adour’s $140 cote de boeuf and Monkey Bar’s $145 steak a BUY HOLD OR SELL? 


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