El Bulli Service at Next to Tentatively Cost $473 Per Person4

Eater.com is reporting that tickets to the El Bulli-themed dinner season at Chicago’s Next by Grant Achatz will carry a fixed price of $365 for food and beverage. That’s a departure from the current ticket prices at Next, which fluctuate based on the day of the week and the time of your meal. A recent pair of tickets purchased by the Price Hike for a Friday night service cost $85 per person, plus $95 for reserve wine pairings. After tax and service, that came to $466.29 for two. Per Eater.com’s report, the El Bulli price for two would be $730.

Update: Next Co-Owner Nick Kokonas tells The Price Hike that the tentative $365 tickets are akin to Alinea’s price point: $210 for food and the remainder ($155) for beverage. Those numbers are not inclusive of an 18% service charge or 11.5% sales tax; that means dinner for two would cost $946. So we’re talking about a 102% PRICE HIKE from what we paid for Childhood tickets, but then again it’s an apples to oranges comparison given the presumed length of the El Bulli menu. The better point of reference, as Kokonas notes, is Alinea. We’re calling this one a STRONG BUY.  


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