Brooklyn Fare Will Charge $70 Per Bottle Corkage Fee

The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, which recently increased its price to $225, will start serving wine next week. Wines by the bottle will start at $50. There are no immediate plans for by-the-glass service, individually or via pairings, according to a receptionist at the three Michelin-starred restaurant. Guests who wish to bring their own can pay a $70 corkage fee per bottle, for up to two standard bottles. That price WILL NOT be subject to the restaurant’s 20% service charge. 

Most of my meals at Cesar Ramirez’s 18-seat restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn involved approximately one bottle per person, consumed over the course of three hours and up to 30 courses. Dinner for two, currently at $580 after tax and 20% service, will now cost $720 with two bottles of your own wine. That’s a 51% hike from the December REAL COST of $477 for two, when dinner was $185 per person, and when there was no corkage fee. And that’s a 107% hike from the January 2011 REAL COST of $348 for two, when dinner was $135 per person; at that price point the meal included fewer courses and fewer luxury ingredients.  

Is Brooklyn Fare still a BUY? We’ll have to wait to see what precisely the wine list looks like to find out. As always, keep in mind that Brooklyn Fare, unlike many other high-end venues, does not charge supplements for caviar or truffles.

(Note: This post has been updated to correct the real cost for two after two corkage fees, tax and tip, which is $720. The Price Hike previously stated $659 as a result of incorrect math. The percentages have been fixed accordingly). 


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