about ryan

The Price Hike and The Bad Deal constitute the Quality Rye family of websites. We help consumers better allocate their hard earned disposable income by promoting price transparency. Our language is critical, mathematical, and humorous. 

We are the fun side of financial literacy. 

The Price Hike, born in April 2011, lets consumers know when restaurants raise or lower their prices. The Price Hike also helps explain why chefs charge what they do. 

Ryan Sutton is the founder and editor of The Price Hike and The Bad Deal. He is also the senior restaurant critic and data lead for Eater. He worked as a food critic for Bloomberg News from February 2006 until March 2014. Ryan is a proud graduate of Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and George Washington University’s Elliot School of International Affairs. Ryan splits his time between Manhattan and Long Beach. Contact him on TwitterFacebook, or via e.mail at ryanpsutton@gmail.com.

We’re flattered that our sites have received a variety of generous offers, but right now we’re happily independent. The Price Hike and The Bad Deal are fully owned, operated and edited by Ryan Sutton, and no other individual or organization.